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INTERSTELLAR ODYSSEY Cast of Characters (by Rank):

Colonel Christopher RyanMission Leader, & Pilot

Lt. Colonel Michael Foster, MD, Space Medicine 

Major Marcus Grier, Cheif Engineer, Ships Systems, Pilot. 

Captain Adam Ellis, Security & Defense Systems, Pilot.

Lieutenant Rachel Kistler, Computer and A.I. Systems.

Second Lieutenant Jamie Ryan, Communications, Daughter of Lt. Col. Ryan.

Dr. Olivia HarrisPhD Astrophysics, civilian expert on the Gliese 581 system.

Dr.  Anton VogelPhD Astronautical Engineering, civilian, created the gravity drive propulsion system with his brother Dr. Albert Vogel. 

O.S.C.A.R. (Odyssey Systems Control Analysis & Regulation), the ship's main computer operating system.


 Ranks are USAF.